View Full Version : Splendid show chaps..and a quick question..

11-07-09, 07:58
Just wanted to say a quick thankyou for such a great show.I still can't get over how much content you guys pack in , my dogs never been so well exercised!
I'm 38 and grew up in the arcades, have owned the ZX80,ZX81,Vic20,Spectrum,Amstrad464,Atari ST and now a PC running MAME32 so I'm feeling the retro love fella's!
I'm from a little fishing town in the South West of England called Brixham and this part of the UK seems to have a distinct lack of Retro goodness, be it shops,meets or Expo's so I was wondering if UK MIke knew of any decent shows in the UK coming up this summer?
Now I've found your forums I'll be posting alot more here so bye bye for now and thanks again for a Top show:)

11-07-09, 09:15
Hey, good to have a fellow Brit on board, even a carrot cruncher like yourself ;).

That's a great part of the country though. I spent many a good time as a kid in Looe.

If you check the shownotes page for the current show (http://www.retrogamingroundup.com/shownotes/current/current_roundup.htm) there are a couple of UK shows there at the bottom with links to their sites.

If you know of any more be sure to let us know and we'll add them to the show. Darran the Editor of Retro Gamer is not too far from you, you should get him to organize a retro show in your neck of the woods.

12-07-09, 11:54
Thanks for the welcome Mike. Interesting that Darren lives down here I think I met him at the ClassicGamingExpo in 2004, that was the year Matthew Smith gave a talk, lots of Jet Set Willy goodness....
I even got him to sign my original copy of Jet Set Willy!
I'm sure you've already considered this but a great segment for your show would be the history of "Ultimate" and the Stamper brothers?

12-07-09, 02:29
Well I have a Jet Set Willy / Matthew Smith review done but for reasons that will become clear it has been bumped back a month or two.