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30-06-09, 04:39
Hello Everyone

I've been listening to and really enjoying the podcasts so I thought I would get involved on the forum.
My name's Kevin and I'm 34 and I come from a seaside town in the UK called Great Yarmouth. Being from a seaside resort meant that I grew up with and later worked in amusement arcades. Many a Saturday morning was spent "down the front" as we called it banging 10ps in the latest machines that had been in that months CVG magazine. An arcade called "The Mint" was always the number 1 destination as they always had the latest big games such as a 360 SDI, Power Drift, Chase HQ, WEC Le Mans, Bride Of Pinbot and the daddy that is Out Run. At the other end of the spectrum was an arcade called "Barrons" that did not appear to have had any new games in since 1984. In this arcade were classics such as Robotron, Gorf, Galaga and Asteroids. Being young and stupid we looked down our noses at Barrons as their games were old but looking back I think we made a mistake.
Name a game and we probably had it in Great Yarmouth at some point. I've played some really rare games such as 360 SDI, Firefox and Sega hologram during my time and loved every minute of it.

On the home front my brother and I started with a Binatone Pong before getting a VIC-20 with 16k ram pack. I loved buying games that had fantastic pictures of spaceships and explosions on the case only to find I had bought yet another Space Invaders clone.
This was replaced by a C64 which was played to death until the ROM chip blew and certain games wouldn't work when you moved the joystick. Many memories of twiddling the azimuth alignment to get a game working that I'd borrowed or had aquired on a TDK D90.
We were the only a handful of kids at school who had a C64. All the rest had the Sincrap Spactrum and it would often kick off about who had the best version of Sacred Armour of Antiriad or some similar game. I remember Cybernoid got very messy. Only 1 kid had an Amstrad and he was mocked equally by both sides even though his version of Renegade and Out Run looked better than ours we would never admit it. It was easier to ask if he had any games that didn't have Dizzy in them!
After that machines came thick and fast (in no particular order)

Atari ST
Amiga 500, 600 & 1200
Spectrum 48K & +2
Mega CD
PS1, 2 & 3
Xbox & 360
PC Engine
Turbo Grafx
Commodore +4
Atari 2600
Master System
Gameboy, Colour & Advance

And probably others I've forgotten. Of all of them I have a soft spot for the C64, Megadrive, Gameboy and Atari ST as these were the machines I enjoyed the most.
I've recently bought a modded Xbox with numerous emulators and ROMs on it and am really enjoying playing some of the games I enjoyed as a child. Some are worse, some are as good but the majority are a lot better than I remembered.

Sorry to ramble and it's nice to join you all.

30-06-09, 04:50
Cool. Welcome Kevin. I hope you consider joining the auction site too and add to our growing amount of international members.