View Full Version : Silent Hill "Home Coming" WOW!!

21-06-09, 01:18
I just got a great deal on a used copy of Silent Hill "Home Coming" from Game Stop, I dropped this bad boy into my PS3, sat back in my favorite gaming chair and man is this game scary cool!!!! I have a 60 inch Sony with surround sound and with the errie back ground music and the most bizzar monsters, i found my self jumping out of my seat ever so often when a monster would pop out at me. My 6 year old daughter sat in the chair next to me while I was playing it and after just 15 minuets, she went up stairs because she was getting to scarred.

If you have not played this game and are into monster killing, then I say you should get a copy and try it out. Worth the Money.


21-06-09, 10:24
I finished it on PC, loved it, my kinda game!

30-06-09, 02:38
I'm embarrased to say that I've never played a Silent Hill game, but I have been looking at this title at retail. I'll probably pick it up when it hits the $20 range.

04-07-09, 05:11
Check with Gamestop too see how much a used copy would run you. I don't think there selling for that much right now.


11-03-10, 06:13
I have been contemplating getting this for a while now. I am a little worried because I heard it was more of an action horrror game rather than the previous Silent Hill survival horror.

11-03-10, 04:55
Yeah, have to agree with the more action based horror. I bought this for the 360 and it really doesnt feel like a SilentHill game at all.. Played through the first, what?, maybe 5 hours worth.. got bored VERY quickly, not creeped, and neither scared nor entertained and just, well, lost interest.

Yeah for sure the graphics are nice, and the soundfx's are okay, it's doesn't 'feel' right. SH are known for their mechanical gameplay ( dont get me wrong I loved the first 2 ( the first one gave me proper nightmares )) but this one feels even worse..

If i was someone else thinking of buying it, and this from a Silent Hill fan from way back, spend the $$ on the PS2 version of Silent Hill 2.. and play 'that' on your ps3 instead. The graphics are still looking good to this day, and most of all it's proper spooky ( and the music and effects are just wonderful ). Oh and if you can lower yourself to psx graphics level, grab Silent Hill 1. Everyone should play that game at some point in their life imho.

Not saying don't have a look, just saying it's nowhere near the same level as the first 3 or 4 Silent Hills. If you want the Silent Hill experience, start at the start! and then decide.. If you're new to SH, then hell, give it a shot. No baseline reference right?