View Full Version : E3- Microsoft Press Conference

01-06-09, 11:59
I have to say I was really digging Microsofts E3 PC. Some of the big announcements the introduction of Metal Gear on Xbox as well as their new full mo-cap (I will call it the "You" controller) control interface titled: Project Natal. Cool stuff and something that I would have believed Nintendo would have developed first. This in addition to a pluthera of exclusive games were introduced.

You will definitely want to watch this press conference as it was much cooler than I expected from Msoft. I can't wait to see some of their new games in person tomorrow when I hit the E3 floor. Bring on HALO 3 OTSD and Splinter Cell Conviction. Meh - Facebook and Twitter on Xbox Live.

06-06-09, 05:11
I wonder how companies will take full advantage of these motion tracking capabilities and make it more than a gimmick. I think the Wii has had a decent bit of success in that department, but to this point all of their motion-based adaptations of games have seemed sub-par to the traditional controller-based options.

What happens when the next GTA is set to roll out? Gears of War? Halo? will these big-name franchises be given the motion-control makeover and will that make them better or worse?

Hopefully the motion stuff is optional and not the ENTIRE new system, or else it will take something big to convince me to "invest" in a system (Sony or Microsoft) that's based around a trendy gimmick.