View Full Version : Can anyone give me the name of this game?

17-04-09, 04:38
Theres only a few arcade machines I am set on owning. Bubble Bobble, Fantasy Zone, Gauntlet, Hang on, Out Run and a few others. I also want to build a MAME cabinet in the near future. Theres also another racing game that I want but can not remember what the name is. :PO

My question is about this game I forgot the name of. I used to play one all the time in an arcade in the Everett Mall (Everett, WA) when I was younger. It is a 4 player cocktail table racing game. Each player @ 90, 180, 270, 360 degrees. Similar to a super sprint, but way better sound and graphics. It was probably made by the same manufaturer as Off-Road and Super Sprint, hell it might have even been a version of Super Sprint. The game was obviously updated from the original though with high-res. graphics.

I have a lead (something like it) on CL but the pics suck theres no Desc. and the cabinet is about 100 miles away. So any info would be appreciated to the name of this title. Thanks :)

20-04-09, 05:30
Finally found the right one on KLOV

Its Sega's Hot Rod. I knew I must have been looking at something goofy on CL. The one I found there was a similar Demolition Derby. If anyone ever has a 4p Sega Hot Rod machine willing to sell in the greater NW. Please LMK this is #1 or 2 on my Arcade Machines want list. It's a bada$$ game. :PAC