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19-03-09, 12:13
Is there a tutorial for this? I'm looking at maybe picking up four broken arcades, and want to take them off of coin-op and just remote control them (like a halt switch or something). Definitely need to get off coin-op, though.

Is this an easy thing?? I've never really done much with arcades (???)


19-03-09, 04:42
Hey Nathan,

I would say most arcade machines if not all, can be set to free play, so you dont need to worry about the coin slots. If you can acquire instruction manuals for the machines that would be a plus in figuring that out. For non-working machines the problem tends to be with the monitor and or the pin connections inside the machine are dusty. It's a bigger job than consoles, but I am sure you are capable of cleaning some stuff up. I wouldn't buy machines with broken/severly burnt in monitors, it wouldn't be worth it unless they are cheap. Take it easy. :SONRUN:

19-03-09, 06:01
I'm not trying to restore, just get working. Come toi think of it, the screens are pretty burnt, as in screen-burnt (I think that's what you mean) but if this goes through, I'll have the only working arcade that you can actually GO to in El Paso :)

I can clean stuff, and being El Paso, it's really dusty here. It'll need it.

Also, my buddy is a technician from way back, and he can help me figure out a replacement screen from one of the man, many free 22" and up TV sets that people seem to be giving away lately. I love to experiment!

Since I'm gonna yank the coin boxes I'm gonna figure out some way to make them remote controlled from another room. I'll figure it out. If the deal happens.

19-03-09, 06:17
Well if they are fun machines and you have access to spare parts, Go for it at the right price. I feel you on the arcade situation, we dont have one for about 35 miles from Monroe, WA. I missed a Fantasy Zone cabinet about a month ago that worked for $200 a mile from my house. Wish I got that one. I hope for the best on your arcade (might be) score.

19-03-09, 09:35
You could always do what many MAME cab owners do and wire the coin slot to a button, so each button press adds a credit.

20-03-09, 03:04
If you can list the games I can tell you if freeplay is an option. There are ways to get coinless ops done. Many good ones mentioned here. The first and easiest is freeplay or open the coindoor and trip the switch that the quarter did. Many of my machines are actually set up that way. Some machines do not have their attract mode and sit on the same screen if they are freeplay, and for some reason, opening the door and hitting the switch feels more arcady to me. You can do a coin up button on the panel, or the coin credit that Miner mentioned, options are endless.

Keep us posted on what you pickup, tech questions are always welcome.

I lived in El Paso, I was at Ft. Bliss, and I was relieved to get sent to Saudi for a year.

20-03-09, 05:59
I lived in El Paso, I was at Ft. Bliss, and I was relieved to get sent to Saudi for a year.

HA! Same here, I was stationed here for about three years and went to Saudi-- and it was a break from El Paso. I can even give reasons!

Nobody came to my door trying to sell me candy.

When someone that couldn't spoke English needed to get a point across to me, they POINTED to someone that did.

Not everything you buy when you eat at a restaraunt is flavored with jalapenos.

The games are Mortal Kombat 2, Ms. Pac Man, Galaga and TMNT Arcade 4-player.

I found a pretty good amount of links on them, got the manual for ms pac man and haven't tried really hard on the others yet.

20-03-09, 07:34
Those are 4 bada$$ games. I have seen a small button put onto the coin mechs itself. Each press gives a credit. From what I've heard it is very easy to do and only takes a small bit of wire, buttons and time.

21-03-09, 02:15
They're a pretty cool find, and being beaters I stand a good chance of geting them at my little offered price. If I do get them, I'm gonna drop in flat screens if possible and upgrade some electronics in them to accept networkability, so I can control them from across the room and maybe some other cool stuff.

The lady called me, I'll know by Monday.

21-03-09, 11:10
Flat screens are no good for Arcade Cabs in general and MAME cabs in particular.

Games have various refresh rates while TFTs have a fixed refresh rate so you will get ghosting or glitches as the screen is refreshed either before or after the game has refreshed.

22-03-09, 12:40
There are now some arcade compatible LCDs that are designed to serve as replacements for the standard CGA glass CRT, but in my opinion UGGHHHHHH. They do not look right on vintage games.

Unless a game is designed to be networked then that just won't happen without a massive effort to retrofit them and a rewrite of the software which if you can do, go for it, but I have yet to see such a thing done.

I can pretty much say without manual digging that those 4 support free play. Best of luck getting them!

24-03-09, 04:31
I think the TMNT will give me trouble, but the others have jumpers, and I can lead a cable from there. The TMNT will just have to be free-play for now. Oh, and the coinboxes have to go totally, else I have to get two licenses for TX, and they're hundreds of dollars :(

I called the lady today, and she won't know anything until Friday unfortunately. So until then I will remain arcade-less.

Perhaps I jumped the gun a bit about networking them. The insides aren't made for it, and it would really take a lot of work to equip them that way.