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22-01-09, 04:38
Someone, I think SubaruBrat if memory serves, talked about these on RGR's hardware flashback a while back. I probably heard wrong but I thought he said a person can use a regular PC PSU to supply power for it. Is this correct? I had an ebay seller tell me it's not possible.

22-01-09, 04:49
What are the power requirements? I can't think of many things that a PC power supply cannot power, from flashlights to actual PC's to the things that we plug into them. Might take some re-wiring, but I'm sure it can be done.

What are the power needs??

22-01-09, 11:47
Well I went to LizardLick's site and looked at this board. It seems to have a molex plug on it so I guess that answers my question. I do have a couple of old arcade power supplies but instead of rebuilding them I thought I'd just use a PC PSU if you were wondering.

Another question I had is how do they get by the copyright laws with these boards? Is there some kind of concessions or something?

02-02-09, 03:08
I did a segment on a previous HWFB about those. The standard line of Xin1 boards do use a standard PC drive power plug and can run off a PC power supply. Current draw is so low any PC power supply will be very suitable. AS far as conversions, older AT ones that turn on when the switch is flipped are fine as is. Newer ones that need the motherboard present to power up need a very simple mod to work. In short, you cut the sense wire from the motherboard plug and connect it to a ground wire through a switch.

Details here: (keep in mind these guys show a total conversion, all you need is the green wire to ground part.


Oh, and the copyright thing. These boards all run an older version of MAME, a good solid version for the most part, and the roms are just blatantly included without copyright consideration. That is just the way it is.

06-02-09, 11:11
Thanks for the info. For some reason I didn't get notified of your reply.