View Full Version : Classic Kickstarters

  1. Sword of Fargoal II - Ends 10/13/12
  2. Howard Phillips Know-It-All - Ends 10/24/12
  3. SHAKER: An old school RPG from Brenda Braithwaite (Wizardry) and Tom Hall
  4. Star Citizen by Chris Roberts
  5. Magicians: A language Learning RPG.
  6. PiCade - A Raspberry pi powered tabletop cab
  7. Elite: Dangerous by Frontier (David Braben)
  8. Love Eggs (?)
  9. Spud's Quest, a platform puzzle adventure
  10. Choose your Own Adventure books A documentary
  11. 'The History of Ocean Software' book
  12. RetroSkate
  13. Project Giana - already successfully funded in August!
  14. 'The Video Craze' doco by Dave Danzara
  15. Android GameStick
  16. GCW-Zero
  17. The 90's Arcade Racer
  18. Table Top Towns
  19. Worlds of Wander - Game Creater
  20. SuperByte 2013 - chiptune & 8 bit arts weekender - Manchester
  21. Pi Supply - A convenient power supply manager for Raspberry Pi
  22. Lord British Presents: Shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter
  23. Retronauts Kickstarter Already Successful.
  24. The next "ECCO the Dolphin" adventure game
  25. Not a game, but I reckon Scott will like it
  26. Museum of Pinball - Banning, California
  27. The Choosatron: Interactive Fiction Arcade Machine
  28. Mighty No. 9 (Legally not Megaman)
  29. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (another beautifully drawn WayForward game)
  30. River City Ransom 2 Kickstarter launches Sept. 9
  31. James Pond is making a come back! on Kickstarter.
  32. The Escapists - From the guy that brought you Spud's Quest
  33. Hewson Consultants / 21st Century Entertainment book
  34. Wings - Remastered Edition
  35. Retro Revival Kickstarter Game (Fancy being a character in a retro game?)
  36. Bluetooth ZX Spectrum *Keyboard **For IOS
  37. Commodore 64: a visual Commpendium by Bitmap Books
  38. The History of US Gold
  39. Lizard for NES, PC, and Mac.
  40. From Bedrooms to Billions - NTSC question
  41. Micro arcade Kickstarter
  42. From Bedrooms to Billions - The Amiga Years
  43. New C64C case Kickstarter
  44. Major Rocks, a retro style shmup that needs some TLC. (only 6 days to pledge)
  45. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  46. The Starforce PI electronic tabletop mini arcade
  47. Retro computer card collectible cards - 8bits from the 1980's
  48. Homecade - The ultimate retro gaming console
  49. Nolan Bushnell's sons Kickstarter - The Polycade
  50. Tiny Arcade - A retro tiny playable cabinet.
  51. Kick Ass Commandos 8bit game on steam.
  52. arcade switch for your lights
  53. indieGO! All-in-One Retro Game Console
  54. Help crowd fund a brand new Atari 2600 game 'Boss'
  55. Stern 30 year Book
  56. Could this be Simon Butlers next job? Original Sega Megadrive game Kickstarter.
  57. RaspiBoy, an easy to build Raspberry Pi Handheld
  58. Project Hubbard