RoundUp 028 – A Yeasty Paste

Our Second Anniversary show adds another pendant to our site’s banner, and this month we road tested the Live News segment.

Hope to see you all there next month. Better get your ustream account ready so you can chat with us.

# Hardware Flashback – (00:00)
# Guinness Gaming Records – (50:04)
# Atar-Rewind – (52:08)
# Midwest Gaming Classic – (63:24)
# Top Ten Nintendo 64 Games – (83:31)
# Pacman Power Pill – (234:46)
# The British Hour – (238:13)
# Jon St John Interview – (240:05)
# Gaming Trivia – (266:26)
# News And Listener Views – (267:23)
# URLs And EMails – (346:55)

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2 Responses to “RoundUp 028 – A Yeasty Paste”

  1. marginallyclean says:

    I was listening to your most recent episode’s list concerning the 10 best N64 games and felt compelled to weigh in on the matter. I don’t normally bother with commenting on these sorts of things as best of lists, in general, don’t interest me that much; everyone is entitled to his/her personal opinion. Let me preface my rant by explaining my gaming history:

    I cut my teeth on the NES. Though I more fondly remember those late 80’s and early 90’s days of gaming, my formidable years were spent with the N64. I consider it the system I am most versed in, and thus best equipped to offer an informed assessment of its library.

    In that light, I must say that some of your picks are just downright frustrating. How can a game like F1 World Grand Prix II (a title I was not familiar with and would venture to guess most people who played the N64 weren’t either) usurp a game like F-Zero X? Again, I know it’s the personal opinions of the hosts, but I believe there is something to be said for recognition of unimpeachable classics, no matter how cliche it may be to continually sing their praises. This brings me to my next point: Why is Ocarina of Time omitted from the list? I see you gave Majora’s Mask an honorable mention (a ballsy move to be sure), but the exclusion of this all-time classic is frankly inexcusable. Ocarina of Time is not only generally considered to be one of the best N64 games, but one of the greatest games of all time. Again, though it may be trite to sing its praises over and over, it does bare inclusion due to its self-evident greatness.

    I will say I don’t mind the show calling Perfect Dark the number one best N64 game. Though I don’t agree, (Super Mario 64 would have been my choice) I do find it refreshing that someone out there remembers correctly that this game was leagues better than Goldeneye. I believe both of these games have gone down in stature over the years unjustly. I also find your inclusion of Paper Mario on the list quite agreeable. It’s an under appreciated gem, I believe.

    One last gripe: Banjo Kazooie was much better than Banjo Tooie as the sequel’s reach exceeded its grasp. It was overly long and wore on the player, particularly near the end of the game as it required maddeningly meticulous collection of tchotchkes. The original hit the sweet spot of challenge and empowerment of the player through a sense of incremental accomplishment.

    Sorry for the lengthy negative reaction but I just couldn’t bare not getting my two cents in. Kudos for foregoing a more traditional list in favor of something more controversial. I might have to check out this F-1 game.

  2. ukmike says:

    That’s the longest blog comment I’ve ever read, I think you should contribute more, in fact jump in our forums and contribute there too.
    As you alluded to, our lists are not the normal copy and paste lists you usually see, we pick the games that in each of our opinions were the best or mattered most to us, and we have no control over the picks of the other 2 hosts.
    F1 was one of the games I spent the most time playing on the console, and to me it is one of the best. It was a very accurate Sim for the time too. It’s understandable most aren’t familiar with it because it was a Europe only release.
    We knew we would get flack for omitting Ocarina Of Time but I do concede it is a brilliant game, and yes, probably one of the best games ever, but I spent more time and effort playing my 4 picks, and we never include games just because of what they are, that would make our Top Tens like everybody else’s.
    You did get slightly confused though, Perfect Dark was number 5 and Super Mario did win, so it’s not all bad.
    Now get in our forums please……………